John (JT) Steinbach - Steinbach Seafood

John was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.  John grew up around the seafood industry as a result of his relationship with his uncle Tom Steinbach. 

John worked in Alaskan seafood plants and commercial fished as he was putting himself through college.  John graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Washington.  John had always had an interest in working with his uncle in the Seafood industry but when he finished college he went to work in the finance world as a mortgage banker where he built and ran a successful mortgage business.  In 2012, his uncle Tom was starting to eye retirement and John saw an opportunity to finally work with his uncle and learn the seafood business.

John took his 18 year’s experience form the mortgage banking world and matched it with his uncles 50+ years of seafood experience to continue to maintain and grow the relationships established by Steinbach Seafood.  One of the most important relationships has been the long standing friendship with the Dana F. Besecker Company.