R. Anthony (Tony) Blore - Vice President, Procurement & Operations

“The fishing industry has a special appeal. Over the last four and a half decades, it has become a way of life for me...”

As Vice President, Tony Blore is responsible for the procurement of fin fish and occasionally crab. He manages the logistics that are required to have the seafood processed. He manages issues that pertain to the procurement, transportation, and production of the fresh or frozen products that the company is currently handling. Tony joined the Dana F. Besecker Company in 2010, bringing his years of industry experience to the Besecker team.

Born in Port Angeles, Washington, Tony moved to Bellingham when he was two, and still calls that city home. Some of his family members were into commercial or charter fishing, and at 16, he worked as a reef net crewman. After graduating from Sehome High School, he attended Central Washington State College (University) to study pre-med. He wrestled competitively for a couple of coaches, and eventually graduated with a B.A. in chemistry – with the petroleum industry in mind. 

After being offered jobs at the refineries, Tony realized this wasn’t his dream career. “I would be stuck in an office, in a closed environment when I really wanted to be outdoors. Fishing seemed more ‘outdoorsy,’ with more adventure and challenge.” He’d also had the chance to work for the Bumble Bee Seafoods salmon cannery during his college summers, so Tony contracted with Castle and Cooke, who owned Bumble Bee Seafoods, and he went north to Alaska to set up processing for Peter Pan in Alaska. He understands that there can be challenges with fishermen and the volatility of the industry.

Returning to Washington, he worked for Seawest Industries, which processed seafood locally. He went back to Alaska to set up a custom processing operation/joint venture at Bristol Bay, as well as processing operations in Port Moller, Nelson Lagoon, and southeast Alaska. Wanting to live in Washington, Tony joined Arrowac Fisheries, and eventually became plant manager. In 2008, Arrowac closed the plant because of a reduction in raw materials locally. Tony continued to run operations for a year, before joining Dana F. Besecker Company.

“Over the years, I’d worked with Dana, trading products with him, and even competing against him. Joining Dana’s company was an easy decision to make.” Tony says he and Dana share the same views of the industry, and their work styles are very close. “I jumped on board with Dana and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.”

“It’s a very good company to work for –very versatile,” explains Tony. He knows his fellow employees are well-versed and motivated. “We are entwined here,” he adds. “Everyone has a broad overview of what needs to be done.”  

When not at work, Tony likes to compete in different pistol competitions, and has built his own guns. “I’ve enjoyed shooting since I got my first Red Ryder BB gun,” he says.